Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Walgreen's Coupon Policy

As a customer-focused retailer, Walgreens encourages the use of coupons by our customers in our retail stores, in accordance with the following guidelines.



  • All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier at the time of checkout.
  • Walgreens does not accept expired coupons.
  • Coupons and their face value cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards.
  • Competitor coupons are not accepted at Walgreens.
  • Walgreens cannot accept coupons for items not carried in our stores.
  • The number of manufacturer coupons, including Register RewardsTM manufacturer coupons, may not exceed the number of items in the transaction. The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid, if required by state law.
  • Any coupon offer not covered in these guidelines will be accepted at the discretion of Walgreens management.

Sale Items 

  • Walgreens will accept manufacturer coupons for an item that is on sale.
  • In the event that any item's selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item and no cash back is ever provided in exchange for any coupons.

Multiple Coupons 

  • When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.
  • The coupon amount must be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value).
  • When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased.

Buy One, Get One Free Coupons 

  • When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.
  • Sales tax must be paid for any Buy One, Get One Free coupon offers, if required by applicable state laws.

Internet/Print at Home Coupons 

  • Walgreens accepts valid internet/print at home coupons.

Register RewardsTM coupons 

Earning Register RewardsTM
  • Register RewardsTM will only print for in-stock merchandise during the promotional period.
  • Register RewardsTM can only be earned for eligible items. No substitutions.
  • There is a limit of one Register RewardsTM (RR) printed per offer per customer per transaction.
  • Customers redeeming a Register RewardsTM against the same offer may not receive another RR.
Redeeming Register RewardsTM
  • Customers redeeming a Register RewardsTM against the same offer may not receive another RR.
  • Refer to Register RewardsTM coupon for expiration date.
  • The RR coupon value cannot exceed the total purchase amount. No cash back and no cash value for RR coupon.
  • The number of manufacturer coupons, including RR manufacturer coupons, must not exceed the number of items in the transaction.
  • Register RewardsTM must be forfeited if the qualifying merchandise is returned.
  • Register RewardsTM cannot be used toward the purchase of gift cards and pre-paid cards.
  • Register RewardsTM can be redeemed for eligible items only. Ineligible items include but are not limited to:
    • Prescriptions
    • Tobacco products
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Dairy products
    • Lottery tickets
    • Money orders/transfers
    • Transportation passes
    • Special event/entertainment tickets or passes
    • Postage stamps
    • Gift cards/phone cards/prepaid/Green DotTM cards
    • Prescription Savings Club" memberships
    • Health care services, including immunizations
    • Any items prohibited by law

Kinney Drugs Coupon Policy

Kinney Drugs


We gladly accept the following types of coupons:
  • Manufacturers' coupons
    • For dollar/cents off
    • Buy one, get one (BOGO)
    • Must have "Manufacturer Coupon" printed on them
    • Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer
    • Must have a valid expiration date
    • Must have a scannable bar code
    • May not be duplicated
  • Internet Coupons
    • Must be legible
    • Must have "Manufacturers' Coupon" printed on them
    • Must have a valid expiration date
    • Must have a scannable barcode
    • Buy one, get one (BOGO) with a specified price
    • May not be duplicated
  • Competitors Coupons ("Catalinas")
    • Printed at our competitors' registers for dollar/cents off on a specific item
    • Must have "Manufacturer Coupon" with specific item requirements printed on them
    • Must have valid remit address for the manufacturer
    • Must have a scannable barcode
    • May not be duplicate
    • Must have a valid expiration date
  • Item purchased must be identical
  • We reserve the right to limit purchase quantities
  • We only accept one coupon per item
  • There is no limit on the number of coupons per transaction
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase
  • Must have an expiration date and be redeemed prior to the expiration date
  • If the coupon value exceeds the selling price of the item the coupon will be redeemed for the selling price
  • We don't accept coupons offering dollar/cents off entire purchase unless they are Kinney Coupons
  • We don't accept coupons for FREE merchandise that are not Kinney coupons. Exceptions apply to legitimate Manufacturers' Coupons with the characteristics listed under Manufacturers' Coupons above
  • We don't accept internet coupons for FREE merchandise
  • We don't offer double or triple coupons

Price Chopper Coupon Policy!

Effective as of June 26, 2011

Manufacturer Coupon Acceptance
Price Chopper continues to add value to the family shopping trip by accepting manufacturer coupons. Price Chopper's register system is programmed to read and follow the rules embedded within the bar code of manufacturer coupons. Only one manufacturer's coupon, digital or paper, may be used on an item purchased, not to exceed the retail price after AdvantEdge discounts. Price Chopper accepts one manufacturer and one Price Chopper store coupon for the same item (unless prohibited elsewhere in our policy, on our coupons, or by the manufacturer in their terms or embedded within their barcode).
The AdvantEdge card must be scanned or entered prior to coupon deductions.
We will accept only one (1) manufacturer coupon for an advertised Buy one, Get one Free Offer. We will not accept a manufacturer's coupon for the product that is received free as part of a Buy one, Get one Free Offer.
Coupons will not be accepted beyond their expiration dates.
In states which permit coupons for cigarettes, tobacco, milk and alcoholic beverages, these coupons can not be doubled.
We do not double and/or triple coupons specifically excluded by the manufacturer.
We reserve the right to limit quantities.
We reserve the right to accept or reject any coupon.
Special Coupon Offers (Double and/or Triple Coupons)
All Price Chopper stores now double coupons! We'll double up to 4 manufacturer coupons of like items, up to a face value of 99¢.
Total double or triple value of a coupon may not exceed the items' retail price after AdvantEdge discounts.
The total of all double coupons cannot exceed 50% of the order after AdvantEdge discounts. Single value will be deducted there after.
Triple coupons cannot exceed the retail price of the item or the total of the order after AdvantEdge discounts.
Internet Coupon Acceptance
We accept valid Manufacturer internet coupons (Print at Home) up to face value of $5. This includes free offers and Buy one, Get one free offers.
In addition Price Chopper may offer Internet coupons through, email, and Facebook that may exceed this $5 limit.
Digital Coupon Acceptance
Digital coupon will be applied prior to deducting any paper coupons.
Digital coupons will be redeemed at face value only and are not subject to doubling or tripling.
We do not accept competitor digital coupons.
Competitor Coupon Acceptance
We accept our competitors' coupons based on marketing area.
We will accept paper Pharmacy coupons from competitor's Pharmacy departments unless prohibited by law.
We will not accept loyalty coupons earned on our competitor's loyalty card.
Store Management has the right to accept or deny any competitor coupons.
We accept competitors' paper coupons (Other Grocery stores, Drug stores, Mass merchants: i.e. Grocery Target, Grocery Walmart and Club stores) for exact size and quantity merchandise, limited to cents off, dollars off an order and percentage off an order.
We accept one competitor dollars off an order; the value may not to exceed 50% of the order, nor is this coupon to be combined with any other dollars off an order coupon including Price Choppers.
They may not be combined with Price Chopper Store coupons or Manufacturer coupons on the same product purchase.
We cannot accept competitor's digital coupons.
To ensure adequate product levels and fast, efficient checkouts for all Price Chopper customers, we reserve the right to limit quantities in coupon usage, as well as products, and to amend our policies as we deem appropriate.

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