Friday, August 5, 2011

Save up to $7 on Brita!

Take the Filter For Good Pledge and receive up to $7 off Brita filters and bottles! Receive a $5 off coupon for a Brita Filtration System for taking the pledge, and an additioinal $2 off for reviewing one of their products!

Savings Tip!

Before you go to the store to buy one of the more expensive items like vitamins, allergy medicine, or even filters, check out the brand's website first to see if they have any coupons you can print off! I did this with my son's allery medicine, and they were offering a $7 coupon for signing up, and $2-$4 coupons after that! Check out these sites for brand-specific coupons:

Printable Coupon Sites

My FAVORITE sites to print off coupons before I go shopping!